For all teachers who are sometimes (or often) a bit in a pickle

When your classes are overly active - to put it mildly - the Class Whisperer provides HOPE

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’. A motivational proverb that even made it to a song. But you can only be tough for so long. You have this wish to bring your class to a higher level. You obviously became a teacher that had ideas, a mission. And now – sometimes, or more often than not – things don’t go the way you would want or expect. You really want to ¬†understand what’s going on, what’s going wrong… When the kids in class seem unmotivated, unfocused, bored, and sometimes unkind or outright hostile, and you have no idea how to change that, the Class Whisperer could help you find a way, could be a source of hope. ¬†

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Contact the Class Whisperer If you are interested in a Class Whisperer Program (see 'In-School Services'), or you need information for what can be done for your specific situation, please fill in the form. The same goes for when you want to become a Class Whisperer Counselor or maybe want to follow NLP Courses or the Training Inspirational Teaching by open enrollment instead of the in-school option (see 'Academy 6-days Open Courses').


Doesn't your class behave as you'd hoped for?

You had ideas, visions, a calling, or even a dream of how things would go once you were a teacher. And instead, things are going so uncontrollably hayward. Are you about to pull out your hair while waiting for a solution to fall from the sky?

Some moments are great… There are moments, of course, when you feel your class is listening to you. That you can interact with them. Not too much interaction, though, for fear that the magical moment will pass. Such a pity you can’t pinpoint exactly what makes these moments happen. You can’t recreate and repeat them on purpose. Was it something you did or said?

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Questions & Answers

Here are some frequent questions we get. If you have a question that isn’t answered here be sure to contact us here!

  • How much time does the Class Whisperer spend in a school?

    • When the Class Whisperer is invited to a school, an intake interview will take place. The Class Whisperer and the school leader will come to a tailored approach about time and approach.¬†

  • How to become a Class Whisperer Counselor?
    To become a Class Whisperer Counselor, Please check out our dedicated web page here. Feel free to contact us here if you have any further questions.
  • What is a Theme-Based Workshop?
    In the Theme-Based workshop is a workshop that covers specific subjects like:

    • (cyber-)bullying
    • praise and punishment: two sides of the same coin
    • highly giftedness and underachievement
    • group dynamics
    • understanding nonverbal communication

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