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Who is the Class Whisperer?

The Class Whisperer is Angélique de Graaff

She was born and raised in The Netherlands. In her younger years she worked as a columnist and a correspondent reporter for a few glossy magazines and local newspapers. At the same time she worked for publishers as an editor. Later she ran a successful publishing agency.

After her bachelor degree in the English language, she studied to get a teacher’s diploma. The having of this diploma would later prove to be the seed from which the Class Whisperer idea would grow.

For no other reason than the feeling that it was time to start a new chapter in her life, she decided to give up the agency and start teaching at a secondary school for kids with special needs.

It was a complete leap into the unknown. More like a leap of faith, to be honest. In a few articles, YouTube videos, and Instagram reels you can read, see, and listen to her stories about her initial teaching challenges. An absolute-swim-or-drown situation. It made her aware of the fact that teachers are not often well-equipped with effective insights and tools, by their professional educators.

In those first years as a teacher, she followed an NLP training.
This personal development and communication course appeared to be an immense eye-opener.

She started understanding why class dynamics went off the rails with some teachers, whereas they drove neatly to the next station with others. Illuminating moments.

After teaching (and loving it, and getting along with the so-called ‘difficult’ kids that attended this special school), she was recruited by the educational institution that had trained her to be an NLP Trainer, Hypnotist, and Youth Coach. As this entailed becoming a ‘self-employed’ trainer, an autonomous worker again, she was in.

Because no child should be left behind (5)

Her journey in the NLP field was full of surprises. Keen to know different styles of training, she started by attending Tony Robbin’s famous ‘Unleash the Power Within’-happening. After that she was very fortunate to meet with and learn directly from each of the three NLP founders separately (John Grinder, Richard Bandler, and Frank Pucelik). She followed the entire route with all of them, from NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner to NLP Trainer. Frank Pucelik appointed her to be one of his select group of Master NLP Trainers. With NLP celebrity Robert Dilts, she also became a certified Master Trainer. However, most important to her, all the information on NLP, all the insights and knowledge: she got it straight from the horses’ mouths!

It seemed to her that a circle wanted to be completed. Time to use all obtained knowledge and insights and make them available to teachers. The Class Whisperer was born. 

In the spirit of ‘lifelong education’, in the years to follow she studied Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, Group-dynamics, Leadership, Trauma Healing and many more interesting and helpful approaches.

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