Class Whisperer Events

To spread the news about the more international approach of the Class Whisperer and to give interested people an idea of the effects of the Program in schools, The Class Whisperer sets up a series of Events.

Festive Events: The idea is that teachers, parents, and caretakers can celebrate a new incentive, a sparkling boost. The Events also help participants to find out if they want to become a member of a tiny army of Class Whisperer counselors.

The Events allow us to explain how the Class Whisperer works in schools. What the expected results are. How teachers, school principals, and parents can contact the Class Whisperer.

The Event’s programs will be varied and exciting. Live music will be a great part of it: theatre arts, and interactive working methods.

3-Day Events
  • to understand how the Class Whisperer (and the Class Whisperer Counselor) performs the programs in schools
  • to see some examples/cases of the Class Whisperer at work, to get an even better idea
  • to enjoy live music and participate (if you wish) in improv theatre
  • to ask your questions and get your answers
Questions & Answers
  • Are The Events Big?

    • In general, the Events are hugely interactive with room to learn in serious and playful ways.

  • Who Will The Events Be Suitable For?

    • The Events are very interesting and suitable for teachers, school directors, parents, pedagogical and social workers, and actually for everyone working with kids and youth.

  • Who Will Be The Speakers At The Events?

    • Because the Events are planned in different countries, the guest speakers are different at each event.

  • Can Future Class Whisperer Counsellors Get Value From These Events?

    • Future Class Whisperer counselors can see what they are expected to be able to do for schools, for teachers and ultimately for the kids in class and will gain lots of experience from some of these events.

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