Class Whisperer Program

Teaching can be easier than you think!

The Class Whisperer provides hope!

To become the teacher you always envisioned you would be, wanted to be… embark on the Class Whisperer’s journey. Let’s create a learning environment where students can’t wait to listen, learn, and grow. Get ready to be the teacher you’ve always dreamed to be!

Class Whisperer Program can unfold in many ways

The Program is an In-School Procedure

When a school invites the Class Whisperer, the initial interview will be with the school leader.

  1. Depending on the number of teachers that are going to be involved in a Class Whisperer Program and the severity of the situation the teachers find themselves in, a plan is developed and discussed with the school director/- management.
  2. Another common request is a Class Whisperer Program with the school principal or the school management for them to get fully equipped for effective leadership. A small-sized team program often follows such a counseling/consulting Program.
  3. Of course, there is the frequently used option of having the Class Whisperer initially present some workshops. These workshops often lead to the request for a full Class Whisperer Program.

Do you want the Class Whisperer to teach the Program in your school?

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