It wasn’t Entirely Your Fault, was it?

It wasn’t your fault that things went off the rails in your class. Or – if not off the rails – then at least… confusing. Kids seemed unmotivated, unfocused, and sometimes unkind or outright hostile. You didn’t know how to change this.

You weren’t yet equipped with the Toolkit’s content. You didn’t even know it existed! A virtual toolkit filled with interesting and helpful things to make life in front of a class – life with kids and young ones in general – so much easier!

Your class may not live up to your expectations, hence causing frustration. Moments of connection are rare, making you crave for a solution. The Class Whisperer offers practical methods, not magic wands, to effortlessly lead your class and foster a comfortable learning environment. With over a decade of success, we help teachers and parents enhance results.

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Some moments are great… There are moments, of course, when you feel your class is listening to you. That you can interact with them. Not too much interaction, though, for fear that the magical moment will cease. Such a pity you can’t pinpoint exactly what makes these moments happen to recreate and repeat them.


Was it something you did or said?

What if you could lead your class(es) effortlessly?

If you could come up with an approach that works so well that you and your students start feeling comfortable being in class together. The Class Whisperer knows this can be a reality. We can say that with sincerity. For over a decade, we helped out teachers and parents in need as well as teachers and parents who weren’t exactly in need but wanted to create even better results than they already did.

We acknowledge: that the Class Whisperer doesn’t use a magical wand! We’d like to think so, but we use very down-to-earth methods. These methods proved to be insanely successful even before we started using them. They were already there. A toolkit full of effective, interesting and peculiar practical ┬áinsights and theories.

The Class Whisperer is happy to share the content of this virtual toolkit. You will find it amazingly effective. Sounds a bit like a panacea? A good-for-anything trick? You feel called to stress that in your case some classes are incorrigible, resistant, and disruptive. Everyone says so. So, no way, any approach can refute those facts.

The Class Whisperer doesn’t claim the toolkit is her invention or creation. The effective tools and insights, stored in that toolkit are creations and thoughts of wisdom, gathered from great thinkers and effective experimenters.

The Class Whisperer just put them together and clicked the different ideas and approaches in place. Clicked them into the huge Lego mat, called NLP [See What is NLP? and see Miscellaneous Approaches]. In every occasion, every situation you feel uncomfortable in class, or elsewhere working with kids, there are effective tools to be dug out of this kit and extracted from the Lego mat.

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