Inspirational Teaching

Inspirational Teaching

In-School Training For Teachers

Successful teachers, teachers who have no problem managing and leading their classes, often have no idea how they do the things they do. How and why they respond to some incidents, the way they do, and how time and again that (unorthodox or surprising) response was exactly what was needed in the situation at hand. That’s because they respond unconsciously, and intuitively. They are not even aware of their acquired skills. For those teachers, it might be interesting to participate in this course to find out what they do. If they could drag their unconscious responses into their consciousness, they could repeat them at will and in many different situations. They can become a source for other teachers: they can teach what they now consciously know.

For teachers that do have a problem managing classes and students, and who feel frustrated that they don’t get around to teaching, because they are too busy putting out fires everywhere, this training could be the answer to their struggle. They will learn how to manage and push forward stuck group dynamics. They will understand how to respond effectively to disruptions, without losing their inner state (mood) and without taking things personally. They will get insights into what’s going on in their classes, by understanding the things that are never said, the non-verbal communication. They will learn the ‘Art of Whispering’ as described at the home page. There is a page with encouragement here: Encouragement

This training is a 6-day course, that gives insights and tools to teachers that allow them to teach in a way that inspires and encourages. As an Inspirational teacher, you will be able to teach with love and playfulness.

This training results in a certification: Inspirational Teaching – certified by the Class Whisperer.

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