Mission – Vision

The Class Whisperer

A Concept of Hope

The Class Whisperer already assumes that at the core teachers are amazing educators! Even at times when they felt their class was uncontrollable. Many teachers may feel there is no problem in managing classes, but they feel unable to connect with that one student that seems to be so difficult to reach. For those teachers, the challenge may lie in finding new effective handles and insights.

Oh, what to do?

The Class Whisperer is an expert in teaching teachers to skillfully solve their problems by themselves

Our Mission

Because no child should be left behind

An inspiring teacher, a leader, and a generous and understanding wise person will be able to take many more kids with him/her on their trip to adulthood, than the frustrated, powerless, angry one. When teachers have the conscious intention to leave no child behind, quite much has already been won.

Our Vision

In the Class Whisperer’s dream, teachers are wizards with kids and students. They have a way with them that makes them interesting to learn from. Kids want to spend time with them and learn from them. They feel free to ask for further explanation when things are unclear or when they disagree with it.

In our approach as a change agent, we therefore focus on the teacher, not on the class, the kids, and the students.
That is because we want the teacher to become the unwavering leader of his pack, the class, and the students.
We want to facilitate the teacher with the wisdom and tools that are in the Class Whisperer’s toolbox.

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