6-Days Open Courses

The Class Whisperer Counselor 6 Day Training

Module I & II

Costs & Payment:

Early Bird:

Registering and paying up to 8 weeks before the scheduled start of the
Event/Training, you get a 10% discount, price € 1350

Extra Early Bird:

Registering and paying up til 12 weeks before the scheduled start of the
Event/Training, you get an extra 5% discount on the regular Early Bird:
Price € 1282,50 *All prices VAT Exempt – Prices include coffee/tea/lunch



The  Class Whisperer Counselor Trainings are given in several different cities in Europe. See the ‘Schedule’ on the website under ‘Class Whisperer on Tour’.


You need to:

  • Send digital versions of your NLP diplomas/certificates.
  • Fill in the Registration Form. *Payment through Registration.
  • If you don’t have these certificates, you’re still very welcome. You can update with NLP classes after the Training in schools of your preference.

Class Whisperer Counselor:


On the Class Whisperer Website see pagesAcademyandClass Whisperer on Tour

For Everyone Who Is:

  • A teacher, a coach, a youth/social worker, a caregiver, a parent, etc. who wants to improve their own performance as well as is eager to teach others who are struggling.
  • Seeking to improve their already adequate performance and want some helpful
  • Willing to invest in themselves by participating in this training as well as in a yearly professionalization day. A class where new approaches are given as well as current cases are discussed.
  • Celebrating lifelong learning.
  • Want to make use of the Class Whisperer formats, insights, and ideas that has been developed for over 15 years and who want work under the umbrella of the Class Whisperer Organization.
  • Is willing to change their approach when the results are disappointing
  • Is willing to do everything (during these days as well as after them) to grow their own self esteem and self-confidence, to be able and naturally inclined to uplift the kids and students in class/school.
  • Going to be a true role model.
  • Interested in finding out if a career as a Class Whisperer Counselor is attractive to them.

Compulsory Previous Education:

Also, the Class Whisperer trains NLP at all levels. Find out where and when by contacting us here.

Program Class Whisperer Counselor, Introductory Festive Event

Module I

The first 3 days are an informative, insightful, Festive Happening. The atmosphere we create is purposefully entertaining and joyful. We expect teachers, parents, and youth workers to become more and more entertaining and joyful in their approach to the young ones who are entrusted to them. As to the atmosphere: live music will lift our spirits and cheerful interactions will do that too. Also, you will be invited (and can always decline) to take part in playful and educational improv theater.

Your Take-Away

  • You will get a good idea of what the Class Whisperer does.
  • You’ll get to understand the ‘Art of Whispering’. What is it, How do you do it, and how does it help you?
  • You will get a small basic NLP refresher or introduction (some of you are at the top level of NLP whereas others have not yet started their NLP Journey).
  • You’ll understand that ‘feedback’ is maybe not what you think it is. It is understanding what is ‘fed back’ to you in a positively enjoyable way, however clumsy, negative, or even means the feedback is delivered to you (wouldn’t that be fun to learn?)
  • You’ll get a short taste of the Miscellaneous Approach (see website) so that your curiosity to the subsequent Module II might grow. You virtually can’t wait.

There is ample opportunity to mutual sharing (so you wish) of uncomfortable cases and the search for positive solutions. The day-to-day Program will be sent to you after registration and payment, close to the start of the Event.

Program Class Whisperer Counselor

Module II

 You will Learn:

  • The Class Whisperer Approach of a long trajectory in schools.
  • How to go about other workshops and coaching trajectories.
  • An in-depth understanding of how to use, and teach NLP in difficult class management situations.
  • You will learn side studies like RE(B)T, Non-Violent Communication, helping
    Traumatized kids in school, deal with bullying, leadership, group dynamics, etc.
  • How to be a living example for the teachers for them to become a living example for their kids.

Your Take-Away

  • Things already touched during Module I, are now taught thoroughly.
    Tough cases from your own practice or situation in your own child’s class can be put to the test with new knowledge and insights.
  • A high-speed impactful way to learn how to recognize the problems that your future clients (schools or individual teachers, parents) and how to help the client find their most effective solutions.
  • Like in trainer training (since you are going to teach teachers), you will learn how to present yourself and the service you are about to deliver. Also, you will learn to present random issues with self-confidence.
  • Depending on the level of their NLP education (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer/Public Speaker) you’ll receive a Certificate of Participation*) or a Provisional **) Class Whisperer Counselor Certificate.

The day-to-day Program will be sent to you after registration and payment, close to the start of the Class Whisperer Counselor Training.

Important Information:


Certificate of Participation: For participants who have not yet reached the required level of NLP (NLP Master Practitioner) and are not yet a Trainer.
Provisional Certificate: For participants who have all levels of NLP and are NLP- or general Trainer (send in the digital certificates).
For all who receive the provisional certificate: you will receive a permanent certificate after sending in the assignment, given during Module II, involving video material taken during your experience as a Class Whisperer Counselor.

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