Amterdam, The Netherlands Training

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April 25, 2025

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10:00 am

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Will Be Updated Soon

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Training Dates & Times

  • April 25, 2025 10:00 am   -   6:00 pm
  • April 26, 2025 10:00 am   -   6:00 pm
  • April 27, 2025 10:00 am   -   April 27, 2027 6:00 pm
  • April 28, 2025 10:00 am   -   6:00 pm
  • April 29, 2025 10:00 am   -   6:00 pm

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Step into the realm of Whispering Mastery with The Class Whisperer Training! Explore the intricate artistry and finesse behind whispering as you immerse yourself in the world of Whispersmiths. Discover the secrets that define their pivotal role in shaping learning dynamics and fostering individual or collective growth. Unravel the nuances of the ‘Whispering Art’ and unearth a treasure trove of communication strategies, refining your ability to connect empathetically and intuitively with others. Additionally, delve into the fundamentals of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), tailored to accommodate both beginners and seasoned practitioners.

In this transformative session, embark on a journey to redefine feedback, gaining insights to decipher its essence and leverage it as a powerful catalyst for personal and professional development, regardless of its form. Lastly, get a tantalizing glimpse into the realm of Miscellaneous Approaches, sparking curiosity and paving the way for an immersive expedition through subsequent modules.

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Event FAQs

What will the atmosphere be like?

The atmosphere we create is purposefully entertaining and joyful. We expect teachers, parents, and youth workers to become more and more entertaining and joyful in their approach to the young ones who are entrusted to them. As to the atmosphere: live music will lift our spirits and cheerful interactions will do that too

Who can attend this training?

A teacher, a coach, a youth/social worker, a caregiver, a parent, etc. who wants to improve their own performance as well as is eager to teach others who are struggling.


Anyone seeking to improve their already adequate performance and want some helpful insights.


Anyone willing to invest in themselves by participating in this training as well as in a yearly professionalization day. A class where new approaches are given as well as current cases are discussed. Celebrating lifelong learning.


Anyone who wants to make use of the Class Whisperer formats, insights, and ideas that have been developed for over 15 years and who want to work under the umbrella of the Class Whisperer Organization.


Anyone willing to change their approach when the results are disappointing.


Anyone willing to do everything (during these days as well as after them) to grow their own self esteem and self-confidence, to be able and naturally inclined to uplift the kids and students in class/school.


For anyone interested in finding out if a career as a Class Whisperer Counselor is attractive to them.

How to attend this event?


Simply register for the training here and make sure to email us at with any relevant education certificates or NLP certificates you may have. If not, no worries you are still welcome! All you need to do is turn up at the training location provided on this page.

What will I learn?

The Class Whisperer Approach of a long trajectory in schools.


How to go about other workshops and coaching trajectories.


An in-depth understanding of how to use, and teach NLP in difficult class management situations.


You will learn side studies like RE(B)T, Non-Violent Communication, helping traumatized kids in school, deal with bullying, leadership, group dynamics, etc.


You will learn how to be a living example for the teachers for them to become a living example for their kids.

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