Class Whisperer Toolkit

Welcome to the Toolkit!

Welcome to the Class Whisperer’s Toolkit.

It is a ‘virtual’ toolkit, so you cannot physically hold it and open it to see what’s in it. On this page you’ll find the ‘virtual’ content:  the (majority of the) methods and approaches that we use to train teachers to teach like wizards 

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The main ingredient to be found in the Toolkit is NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is an over 50-year-old concept. NLP helps to understand why some of our actions are bound to be successful and other behaviors less so. NLP reveals the negative thinking flaws we make and how they influence our lives in an unwanted way. And guides to transform these flaws into helpful thinking. It gives a clear and structured understanding of communication and helps to create an effective relationship with ourselves as well as with the people (kids, students) around us.

Miscellaneous Approach

What is this Miscellaneous Approach?

 Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the big basis of the Toolkit, the Lego mat on which all other formats ‘click on’.

Other great formats to be found in the Toolkit the Class Whisperer uses:

    • Non-Violent Communication (NVC) of Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg

    NVC is a communication tool with the goal of first creating empathy in the conversation. The idea is that once people hear one another, it will be much easier to talk about a solution which satisfies all parties’ fundamental needs. The goal is interpersonal harmony and obtaining knowledge for future cooperation.

    • Rational Emotive Behavioral Training/Therapy (REBT) of Albert Ellis

    The main goal of REBT is to help people respond rationally to situations that would typically cause stress, depression, or other negative feelings. When faced with this type of situation in the future, the emotionally healthy response would be to realize that it is not realistic to expect success in every endeavor. All you can do is learn from the situation and move on.

    • Leadership and Effectivity of Stephen Covey

    Stephen Covey came after years of study, teaching and working with people all over the world, to the conclusion that leadership is: explaining to people their worth and potential. To make them see their worth and potential themselves too. The approach is so uplifting and helpful and totally in sync with what NLP teaches.

    • Trauma Healing of Gabor Maté, Peter Levine, Frank Pucelik, Bessel van der Kolk and others

    The Class Whisperer makes a plea for better understanding of the phenomenon of ‘Traumatic Survival Behavior’. Behavior that can be described in many negative terms as disrespectful, disruptive, indifferent, not-involved…  But are those descriptions fair or even true? To understand more about traumatic survival behavior, you as a teacher might find the key to a helpful connection with the kid.

    • Interesting concepts like Leary’s Rose, Core Quality, Johari Window, Karpman’s Drama Triangle etcetera

    So many concepts and formats click easily into the NLP-Legomat. Each of them are worth to be taught, explained and practiced. For most of them the Class Whisperer uses playful work methods

A lack of tools

Tools every teacher needs!

The standard teacher training often doesn’t provide enough tools for dealing with (somewhat) complex target groups. Once in front of a class teachers feel they are insufficiently equipped. For many teachers it is difficult to ask for help. Teachers plod on. To admit having any problems is to admit failure, or so they think.

Every teacher started wishing to be an inspiring teacher. A teacher that students would want to follow, learn from, and feel motivated by. Most teachers have a role model in mind: that specific teacher that made any subject interesting. The one teacher that stood out. The teacher who inspired everyone to learn from.The one who could manage the class with humor and ease.

Even if you believe some classes, some kids, are incorrigible, resistant, or disruptive, the Class Whisperer's approach can guide teachers to prove them wrong. (4)

We are happy to share the content of the Class Whisperer Toolkit

You will find it amazingly effective!

Sounds a bit like a panacea? A good-for-anything trick? You feel the need to stress that in your case some classes are incorrigible, resistant, and disruptive. Everyone says so. So, no way, any approach can refute those facts! Well, if that were true, if disruptive classes were unchangeable, incorrigible… we would close the Toolkit and leave you alone. We’re happy and excited to claim the opposite. We’re here to bring you hope and insights as well as tools.

The effective tools and insights, stored in that Toolkit are creations and thoughts of wisdom, gathered from great thinkers and effective experimenters.

The Class Whisperer put them together and clicked the different ideas and approaches into place onto the huge Lego mat, called NLP. In every occasion, every situation you feel uncomfortable in class, or elsewhere working with kids, there are effective tools to be dug out of this kit and extracted from the Lego mat.

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